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At Mackenzie Security, we strive on excellence and providing a needed service in South Western Nova Scotia. We offer Traffic Control Services and Private Security Guard Services to our clients for over 30 years.  With safety being one of our top concerns, we also offer training to our employees, as well as to the public at our on-site  training facility by a certified trainer for Canadian Red Cross Standard and Emergency  First Aid, Traffic Control Persons, and Temporary Workplace Signers. We have also obtained a certificate of recognition with Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association (NSCSA) and Workplace Compensation Board Safety (WCB) and liability insurance.

 Our employees are trained and certified to meet the standards of our multi-demand client base. Security guards are licensed by the Department of Justice and meet the criteria of the program and are evaluated each year. Security guards services range in duties: site surveillance (stationary, mobile and foot patrols), international and national port security, event security, private security, crowd control, and by-law enforcement. All our security guards must undergo training, respect confidentiality of the clients and uphold the values of the company. For port security, we also have line-handlers on staff who assist with traffic duties, embarking/disembarking procedures. as well as tying/untying large sea vessels. Our Traffic Control Persons are certified in "Traffic Control Person" and "Temporary Workplace Signer" (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal-NS). We also have fully equipped vehicles w/ arrowboards, trailer-mounted Flashing Light Units, signs, stands, flags, drums, and cones. Employees are also instructed to wear PPE (CSA approved-steel toe boots, hard hats, vests, and cuffs).

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